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These lessons cover the material in the Department of Insurance’s approved study outline.

Each lesson utilizes the following format:

  • introduction & lesson objectives,

  • reading assignment,

  • specific Florida rules & supplementary information,

  • key concepts, and

  • written assignment.


Lesson Objectives: Review the introduction and lesson objectives. These summarize the topics you will study in this lesson.


The Reading Assignment, usually a chapter in the Florida Study Manual, will provide general information regarding the insurance industry nationwide. When you have completed the reading assignment, return to the lesson. In some cases, specific Florida rules and regulations differ from the information presented in these chapters. The next section of the lesson is designed to provide you with the detailed information on Florida laws and rules that you need to pass the Florida licensing exam.


Florida Rules and Regulations. A major portion of the state licensing examination deals with specific Florida statutes and Department of Insurance regulations. This section of the lesson highlights those relevant Florida rules. In some cases, this section will refer you back to the reading assignment — to clarify how the Florida rule applies to the general text. Sometimes this section will let you know that the Florida rule is consistent with the general nationwide information — at other times, this section will point out differences from the norm. This section may also present new or additional information. Assume that this information can appear on the state licensing examination — unless the text specifically states otherwise.

In most lessons, you will be asked to review pages in Chapters of the Florida Life and Health Study Manual. These chapters refer specifically to Florida laws and regulations. Please pay careful attention to how the Florida laws and rules treat insurance and how state regulations are consistent with and differ from the general text. The appendix to the Study Manual contains a sample insurance policies and contract applications. In some lessons you will be asked to review a portion of the appendix. Please review this before completing the written assignment.



The Lesson Review must be completed before moving on to the next lesson. This section tests your understanding of the material. Please fill in your name, e-mail address, and enrollment number. Then click on the circle next to the most appropriate answer to indicate your answer. You may change your answer by simply clicking another circle. Once you have completed filling out the form, Press the "Submit your Answers" button at the bottom of the page.

Your lesson review will then be automatically graded and you will be able to see your results immediately on the following page. A copy of your lesson review will also be emailed to your instructor.

You may submit as many lesson reviews to Wall Street Instructors at a time as you wish — but the lessons must be completed in sequence.

Try to complete the lesson review "closed book". However, if you are unable to answer the question, or feel unfamiliar with the topic or terminology — return to the study materials and search for the answer.

The lesson review, at this point, should serve to focus your study efforts and re-enforce the concepts you learned in the reading assignments. You must score an overall average of 70% correct on the lesson reviews before you may sit for the final course exam.


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